Parent Involvement

Part of our chat tonight was on parent involvement and the relationship you build with them.  It is hard to overemphasize this point to an educator.  The relationship you build with a parent has a direct affect on your relationship with their child.  A good parent-teacher relationship will provide the student with support from both sides as well as a united front.  It will also make any “difficult” conversation with the parent from being so hard.  If the parent knows you care for their child and want what’s best for them, they will usually listen to, and work with, you to make a difficult situation better.

Take the time to make contact with your students’ parents.  Use social media to keep them updated with the exciting things that are happening in your classroom. Invite them in so they feel comfortable with you and are not afraid to ask a question.  That time you spend doing these little things will reap huge rewards in the end!

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